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So Many Everglades Tours, Why Choose Captain Steve?

Why Would Your Family Choose Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures Over So Many Other Everglades Tours?

Without doubt, one of the most unique attraction in the Everglades City area.

Good morning, I’m Captain Steve, Glad to meet all of you. I get a lot of questions out here in the swamps, things like,  What are we going to see? How long is the tour?

Our Everglades tours average are three to four hours long. I only do two tours a day and I can take larger groups than six, so let me know when call to make reservations for that. We have special rates for private tours. Also, we may see anything that you can imagine that lives in the preserve or that lives in the Florida Everglades.

Since we don’t feed the Everglades wildlife we can’t guarantee you’ll see it, nut still you may see at anytime: florida panthers, black bears, deer, any number of things. There over 60 animals that are endangered, that you may see at anytime. (Different times of year will produce different results.)

Now I started this buggy tour five years ago. I’m the very first to ever run a tour out here in the Big Cypress National Preserve. We’re all life-long residents out here in the Everglades. All of my drivers love the Everglades and we live it everyday.

Native Guide and Outfitter Captain Steve Now Offering Exclusive Tours

The best joy we get out of providing these tours, is seeing the smiles on people’s faces everyday.

You’ll get to connect with it all when you tour with Captain Steve’s. It’s a National Geographic moment…

Now, we have a lot of tours in the area, Why would you take my tour compared to some of the other tours in the area.?

  • I’m very non-commercial; I don’t pile you in piles. I don’t have a gift shop. We leave right from the middle of the woods. I don’t have thirty people on my buggy. I only, they only carry six people, per buggy. Very non-commercial, you’ll never wait in line, we stop as much as you want to stop, we go as much as you want to go.
  • Upon request we carry lunch, we always carry bottled water for you.  these are but a few reasons why you choose Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures.
  • Now, If you want a roadside attraction, you want a gator show; I’m not the one. Those are out by the Highway on US 41 from Naples to Miami. If that’s what you’re after give me a call as well, I can point you in the right direction.
  • But, If you want to get out in the Everglades for three to four hours and enjoy yourselves and see things that you’ve never, ever seen before in your life, I’m the one for you, I’m Captain Steve. Give me a call.


As you well know, all Everglades tours are not created equal.

Maybe the alligators are out sunning today. Get off the buggy and take some pictures. Don’t worry, we’ll always stand between you and the alligator…

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We’re not asking you to take our word for it. Read What Others Before You Had To Say About Their  Everglades Adventure! You can refresh the page for more reviews…

BEST TOUR EVER…A+!!Absolutely breath taking! A quick conversation with Captain Steve and I felt I was meeting up with an old friend. I chose Captain Steve for the combination of his knowledge of the area and his personal ability to describe the history associated with this region.

Compared to other tours his price being lower was an added bonus. The tour was an education in its self. Captain Steve took us through the Everglades pointing out the different plants, trees and birds we were seeing, the swamps water system and how the swamp changes with each season, all the while stopping to point out the wildlife that had crossed our path. Panther, Turkey, Deer, Bear prints along our way. Our excitement was building, we were waiting to see one of these creatures at any moment. As were entering what he called the prairie, two deer darted out in front of our buggy from a large mass of Cypress trees, he called a Cypress Head. The Deer zigzagged across the prairie as we watched amazed by how graceful they were. Next to a shady spot to eat lunch and some hiking.

Words can’t describe the sounds and the smells, the wind through the trees, the owl hooting as we ate our lunch, a clear sunny blue day with puffy white clouds. Mother Nature was showing us her best. It was heaven, so beautiful and peaceful. The day got better as we seen Alligators of all sizes basking in the sun along the rivers edge enjoying the winter sun as we were. Wow, what a trip! I can’t wait to go back again, my reservations are booked for next year and I will tell everyone I meet that Captain Steve gives the best tour of the Everglades. This is a MUST DO if you want to see the real Everglades the way the locals and natives do. I’m posting pictures of our wonderful day. Thank you Captain Steve you were great!! As a footnote I would like to add, while we were traveling Captain Steve stops to pick up some trash someone left behind. This showed us a great outdoorsman who cares about the preservation of this great Everglades he knows and loves. Not an average man, NOT an average tour!
Emil Sulieman, Dubai, UAE

Steve, we went out today with you into the absolutely wonderful scenery of the Big Cypress Preserve, and want to thank you for the great time we had. And we will never forget our "National Geographic Moments"! Thanks again, and take care and keep going. Warm regards.
Jo & Karin., Belgium

My wife and I on Dec.5 went on one of Captain Steve tours with CAPTAIN OTIS as our tour guide. We enjoyed the trip, I was a little nervous when we got to the location but everything worked out fine. Captain Otis was are guide knew the area in GREAT detail answered any questions we had and made the trip FUN!!!.Captain Otis was really personable and really down to earth guy. I would recommend this trip to any anyone regardless of the age. I would recommend telling female passengers to go to a restroom before getting anywhere near the swamp buggy LOL. Thanks for a good time Dale & Deb Crowl
Dale Crowl, Painesville, Ohio

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Capt. Stevecutting firewood in the Everglades


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