So Many Everglades Tours Why Choose Captain Steve?

Why Would Your Family Choose Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures Over So Many Other Everglades Tours?

Good morning, I’m Captain Steve. Glad to meet all of you. I get a lot of questions out here in the swamps, things like,  What are we going to see? How long is the tour?

Our Everglades tours average are three to four hours long. I only do two tours a day and I can take larger groups than six, so let me know when call to make reservations for that. We have special rates for private tours. Also, we may see anything that you can imagine that lives in the preserve or that lives in the Florida Everglades.

You may see it at anytime: florida panthers, black bears, deer, any number of things. There over 60 animals that are endangered, that you may see at anytime. (Different times of year will produce different results.)

Now I started this buggy tour five years ago. I’m the very first to ever run a tour out here in the Big Cypress National Preserve. We’re all life-long residents out here in the Everglades. All of my drivers love the Everglades and we live it everyday.

The best joy we get out of providing these tours, is seeing the smiles on people’s faces everyday. We’re going to experience and Interpret 4 of the 5 different ecosystems that make up “The Everglades”. After you leave us you’ll have an understanding how your actions fit into the ever connected Everglades as well.

You’ll get to connect with it all when you tour with Captain Steve’s. It’s a National Geographic moment…

Now, we’ve got a lot of tours in the area, Why would you take my tour compared to some of the other tours in the area.?

  • I’m very non-commercial; I don’t pile you in piles. I don’t have a gift shop. We leave right from the middle of the woods. I don’t have thirty people on my buggy. I only, they only carry six people, per buggy. Very non-commercial, you’ll never wait in line, we stop as much as you want to stop, we go as much as you want to go.
  • Upon request we carry lunch, we always carry bottled water for you, We also have campfire tours, these are but a few reasons why you choose Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures.
  • Now, If you want a roadside attraction, you want a gator show; I’m not the one. Those are out by the Highway on US 41 from Naples to Miami. If that’s what you’re after give me a call as well, I can point you in the right direction.
  • But, If you want to get out in the Everglades for three to four hours and enjoy yourselves and see things that you’ve never, ever seen before in your life, I’m the one for you, I’m Captain Steve. Give me a call.


As you well know, all Everglades tours are not created equal.

Maybe the alligators are out sunning today. Get off the buggy and take some pictures. Don’t worry, we’ll always stand between you and the alligator…

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Read What Others Before You Had To Say About Their Adventure..!

What a ride! Not only was Capt. Steve filled with information but fun! The beauty of those Everglades were outstanding. The love and respect that Capt. Steve has for those swamps made us fall in love with them too. We have never seen such wide open beauty before and plan on seeing it again and again with Capt. Steve! Elise & Larry Will
Elise Will, Pine Island, Florida

There are few guides as knowledgeable about any wilderness and in particular, about the Everglades area as Capt. Steve. He lives there and travels into this area daily. Ask him about the plants, flowers, birds, animals and he has the answer. He love and enthusiasm of the area enhances any discourse he gives. It is well worth taking the time and trouble to obtain an introduction to this vast unique area. Additionally he was very adjustable and easily accommodated our needs.
Jay Ku, Chattanooga, TN

My husband and I took a trip with Captain Steve and we will never forget it. Not only does he know the history but he was the most considerate host of a tour I have ever encountered. I am a Travel Agent and tell everyone about Capt. Steve.
Dawn Barraco, Colorado

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