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Private Airboat & Swamp Buggy Adventures

Private Everglades Airboat
& Swamp Buggy Adventures 

Private Everglades Airboat & Swamp Buggy Adventures With Capt. Steve. Who Else Wants An Everglades Adventure Like No Other ?
Glide In An Airboat Across The Everglades Grasslands For Amazing Fun For The Entire Family…

Captain Steve’s One Of A Kind Experience Will Be The Absolute Highlight Of Your Family’s Florida Vacation.

Capt. Steve will even let the kids drive the Airboat. Where else in the Florida Everglades does that happen? EXACTLY…

Airboat Across The Everglades River Of Grass With The 5th Generation & Local Gladesmen
Captain Steve Markley .

Don’t Delay Be Sure To Ask Captain Steve How YOU Can Let Your Children Can Have Their Turn In The Captain’s Seat On Florida’s Most Exciting Adventure!Driving The Airboat. Call Captain Steve Right Now. Seating IS Limited…
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Voted #1 Swamp Buggy Adventure Tours In The Florida Everglades, Two Years Running by TMB —(2014- 2015)

For More Information Call Today And Create A Memory You And Your Family Will Cherish For A Lifetime..! And Be Sure To Bring Your Camera, You Never Know Which Endangered Species Might Cross Your Path. Photo Opportunities Found Nowhere Else…

Are You Looking For Something Unique And A Little Out Of The Ordinary For Your Family Vacation Adventure? Well My Friends, Look No Further, You Have Just Found A For Real Deal. Captain Steve has the best in Everglades Adventures.. You can now choose from our classic 1/2 day Swamp Buggy Adventure or choose an exciting 1/2 day Airboat safari across the Florida Everglades Grasslands.

For the more adventurous you can choose our ultimate Everglades Adventure. Take the Swamp Buggy and Airboat for an all day adventure you and your family won’t soon forget. We also offer all day Swamp Buggy and all day Airboat Adventures. Overnight And Fireside Tours Upon Request. Ask Captain Steve…

REMEMBER Capt. Steve will even let the kids drive the Airboat.
The Everglades River Of Grass.  A Land Like NO Other. GUARANTEED..!

For More Information Call Today And Create A Memory You And Your Family Will Cherish For A Lifetime..! And Bring A Camera, You never know what you will see…

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Voted #1  Swamp Buggy Adventure Tours In The Florida Everglades, Two Years Running by TMB —(2014- 2015) Captain Steve’s Airboat and Swamp Buggy Adventures.

ATTENTION As You Already Know, Not All Airboat and Swamp Buggy Rides Are Created Equal: Welcome Friends And Families Visiting Southwest Florida Everglades Attractions… 

If you’re in the area, Call 239-695-2186 and you can talk with Captain Steve personally and begin planning your own Private Everglades Airboat & Swamp Buggy Adventures.

More Customer Reviews…

Members of the Everglades Foundation Staff had the pleasure of taking a night ride with Captain Steve and it was fantastic! A night to remember! Steve is a gracious host and a passionate champion of the Everglades. We are fortunate to have him offering an educational, fun ride with delicious food. What an amazing experience! Thank you Steve!
Susan Ervin, Miami, FL

BEST TOUR EVER…A+!!Absolutely breath taking! A quick conversation with Captain Steve and I felt I was meeting up with an old friend. I chose Captain Steve for the combination of his knowledge of the area and his personal ability to describe the history associated with this region.

Compared to other tours his price being lower was an added bonus. The tour was an education in its self. Captain Steve took us through the Everglades pointing out the different plants, trees and birds we were seeing, the swamps water system and how the swamp changes with each season, all the while stopping to point out the wildlife that had crossed our path. Panther, Turkey, Deer, Bear prints along our way. Our excitement was building, we were waiting to see one of these creatures at any moment. As were entering what he called the prairie, two deer darted out in front of our buggy from a large mass of Cypress trees, he called a Cypress Head. The Deer zigzagged across the prairie as we watched amazed by how graceful they were. Next to a shady spot to eat lunch and some hiking.

Words can’t describe the sounds and the smells, the wind through the trees, the owl hooting as we ate our lunch, a clear sunny blue day with puffy white clouds. Mother Nature was showing us her best. It was heaven, so beautiful and peaceful. The day got better as we seen Alligators of all sizes basking in the sun along the rivers edge enjoying the winter sun as we were. Wow, what a trip! I can’t wait to go back again, my reservations are booked for next year and I will tell everyone I meet that Captain Steve gives the best tour of the Everglades. This is a MUST DO if you want to see the real Everglades the way the locals and natives do. I’m posting pictures of our wonderful day. Thank you Captain Steve you were great!! As a footnote I would like to add, while we were traveling Captain Steve stops to pick up some trash someone left behind. This showed us a great outdoorsman who cares about the preservation of this great Everglades he knows and loves. Not an average man, NOT an average tour!
Emil Sulieman, Dubai, UAE

I have been a tour guide in the Everglades for 14 years now. Three years ago,Steve took us by swampbuggy. Camping on a hardwood hammock. For 3 days we enjoyed the peaceful beautiful Everglades.(except for the bear that wondered through at 1am.) This past year, I have used this tour to entertain friends from out of town. And for me to see parts of the glades previously off limits. On the tours we have seen otters, deer, gators, snakes, birds, and the most beautiful trees and plants. For me its like being able to go walking on the moon. I highly recommend this tour for anyone that's wants the best. Steve has taught and shone me things about the glades I have never read in a book.
Kenny Hill, Fort Myers FL