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Steve’s great grandfather (Capt. Charlie Boggess) was the first to operate a tour in the Everglades National Park. Now decades later his grandson, Captain Steve, becomes the first to guide Swamp Buggy Adventures Tours in the Big Cypress National Preserve here in the Florida Everglades. Captain Steve, now passes this proud heritage along to his family and yours…

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures is a home-grown swamp buggy tour ride. You’ll be riding on the same buggy’s we hunt off — We are 5th and 6th generation crackers (Glades-men) , The ride is personal, only 6 people maximum per swamp buggy

Call today and ask for Capt. Steve to customize a Swamp Buggy tour especially for you. 1-877-871-5386


Captain F. C. M. Boggess Capt. Steve’s great-great grandfather Captain F. C. M. Boggess was born in Huntsville, Alabama on November 21, 1833. His parents were Pennsylvania Dutch. Boggess chose Army life and became “A Veteran of Four Wars” the title of his autobiography, printed in Arcadia in 1900. He also fought in in the war against Mexico. He joined the revolutionary forces of General Lopez (1850) in a fight to liberate Cuba from Spain. He fought in the last Seminole war from 1881-1885  He then topped off his military career with the Civil War (1856-1865).

Boggess tells in his book of killing alligators by first cutting out their eyes with a bullwhip then finishing them off with a knife. On one occasion, armed only with bullwhip, knife and rope he took on a six hundred pound black beer. Captain Boggess came to Fort Ogden to raise cattle. He also served on the Desoto County School Board. He else was elected to the state legislature, and moved his family to Fort Meade. Boggess built decks from which he shipped his cattle to Cuba and Key West, thus creating Boggess Landing. A great grandson, Calvin Boggess. was e DeSoto  County commissioner.
Numerous descendants of the old fighter reside here today.

Call today toll free and ask for Capt. Steve to customize a Swamp Buggy tour especially for you. 1-877-871-5386



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