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Airboat & Swamp Buggy Adventures On Demand

Captain Steve now offers grassland airboats rides along with his Swamp Buggy Adventures in Big Cypress National Preserve.. Clean Family fun while on a great back to nature tour. You’ll never forget this..!

Captain Steve’s Summertime Adventures On Demand

Airboat Adventures In the Florida Everglades


Captain Steve’s Summertime Adventures On Demand

Half day Swamp Buggy Adventures or half day Airboat Adventures and for the more adventurous you can choose both airboat and swamp buggy tour. Lunch will be provided when you choose the all day adventure…

Endangered bats

Panther tracks auction.

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50 Shades Of Green. Captain Steve’s Photography Tours

Captain Steve’s Photography Tours. Everglades Outfitter. Big Cypress National Preserve.. Clean Family fun while on a great back to nature tour.

50 Shades Of Green. Captain Steve’s Photography Tours

From the Big Cypress National Preserve, Captain Steve here, we are doing a photography tour this morning.

Three four times a year, I try to do a photography tour. Don’t charge anything, got three or four people that always go with me. We are getting some pretty good pictures. It’s beautiful, we watched the daylight come up this morning.

It is very cold for 50 degrees, something or us like that, a little light breeze blowing, it’s cool. The sun’s come up now and finally starting to feel a little better.

We’ve got a long day ahead of us, of taking pictures every time I stop, they get out for 30 minutes. They are back in the back taking pictures of an old gator ponds back here, flag ponds, got some little good gators to it.

Hey, call me, you want to go do something like this, we’ll have fun, we’re gonna see some sights today, photo tour. I love the Everglades in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

239-695-2186 Call today, you won’t be disappointed… -Capt. Steve

Tour The Everglades Grasslands With Captain Steve

Captain Steve coming to you on the newest adventure I’ve got, it’s the airboat. Listen, everybody knows about airboats, you’ve been on the tours with thirty other people, little thirty,forty-five minute rides and buy a stuffed animal, not with me, you don’t do that. We go on a real airboat adventure.

I personally give every tour and share my passion of the Everglades. — Capt. Steve