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‘More Swamp Buggy Adventures’ I LOVE My Job…


Cold and dry season in Big Cypress Preserve

Good afternoon. Well the cold and dry season is here! I’m looking forward too seeing many of you again. Hope everyone is doing well. The Big Cypress are doing some prescribed burns. I  think they’re trying to get a hold of the rough spots before it gets really dry. We’ve been able to stop and talk to the firemen every now and then. Hunting season is now over, and there is hardly anyone around. Seems to be alot of wild game around and about. The water level isn’t low enough to get into my favorite gator holes yet but, they’re getting there.

Well the sunsets in the woods and stars in the night sky certainly is beautiful this time of year. I’ve been working hard to make sure you get the best information on the everglades. I took the group from the Everglades Foundation out they absolutely loved it. Ottis, my good friend, and new driver is getting great reviews, and I even got a good job from the superintendant of BCP. A recommendation like that allways makes me feel good. My daughter Stevie is great, and there is even a  new addition to the family. His name is Layne Markley, my grandson. He is handsome and proving to be a lot of fun. Hope to see everyone soon. Thanks to all and God bless…

Captain Steve

Everglades Seafood Platter

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures announces this year we are offering an
Everglades seafood platter at the camp site, including stone crabs, gator, frog legs,
pulled pork,  hush puppies, baked beans.

ALL YOU CAN EAT FRESH for Only $50.00 per person with a 4 person minimum.
You can’t get this anywhere else.

Call Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures for reservations.
1-877-871-5386 or locally at: (239) 695-2186

All the food is prepared by my cousin a glades man of 63 years and a licensed food
handler. Come sit around the camp fire and enjoy yourself.

Good morning friends, Most of you have been on my tours or are perhaps planing to go.

Thank you, I can’t wait to see you again. It’s been a wet Sumner, but I’m afraid it is
going to be a dry winter.

On one hand that’s good because we can get in the cypress domes and see our old friends
the alligators. But its bad for fires as the summer wet season started late and ended
early I spoke with the hydrologist a few weeks ago.

He explained that lake Okeechobee was 11 feet below normal, and Lake Trafford hasn’t
looked as it has gotten any rain.

Maybe things have changed a little after the heavy rains of early October.

I hope so for the sake of the Everglades Well my first ride of the season started things
off great.

We got pictures of a black bear feeding for about 1/2 an hour which is special indeed I
have had a couple special rides this year one for the make a wish foundation.

One with a family and their son, William. Both have touched me very much Meet my friend,
William I walked up to Williams van as he rolled out in his wheel chair.

I asked him how he was and if he were ready for an adventure of a lifetime. He smiled ear
to ear and exclaimed, Yes Sir! I knew right then that this would be a special day. You
see, William is confined to a wheel chair and had to be toted around every where we went.

He didn’t notice me, but tears filled my eyes the whole time we were on the tour seeing
him so happy just to be.

The only complaint he had was that his mother wasn’t holding his head to look at something
that he wanted to see And he wanted to see everything. He was so appreciative of
everything Since that trip, I haven’t complained about anything.

As most of you know I have a daughter (5 yrs.) Stevie is learning more about the Big
Cypress every day, and we’re both looking forward to the cooler weather on it’s way.

God bless you all and I’ll see you later.

Captain Steve

Call Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures for reservations.

1-877-871-5386 or locally at: (239) 695-2186

Captain Steve’s Recon Adventures…

Today’s adventure was a recon mission of a weather balloon that went 26 miles into the atmosphere to take pictures of the curvature of the earth, then the balloon breaks up and it parachutes back to earth.  My assignment was to take some Florida Gulf Coast University students to recover the balloon. We left at 8:30am  and returned home at 9:30pm. A Fantastic Adventure in the Big Cypress National Preserve. I LOVE MY All DAY JOB!

Everglades Flowers & Animals

What most interest you about the Everglades? The flowers, the animals?
something else? Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventure tours are operational from 7:00am and run
through 9:00pm.

The average departure times are 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. That being said, We’ll go
on your schedule, it’s up to you. Give me a time that works best for when you
you’d like to leave.

Maximum seating per buggy is six people and our average tours last 3-4 hours.
WE DO have discounts for seniors and large groups of four or more people.

Give me a call and we’ll negotiate. 877-871-5386 or send me your number and
I’ll call you on my dime.

It’s a great learning experience for the young and old in the Everglades Big
cypress National Preserve. It’s probably the best chance to see native wildlife
in it’s natural habitat.

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventure Tours are operated by 5th generation
gladesman and you’ll get our outlook and first hand knowledge from being raised
here in the Everglades.

We also offer all day trips, camping trips, and the list goes on. What would
you like to do? Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks again, Captain Steve 1-239-325-7171

PS… Once more, What most interest you about the Everglades? The flowers, the animals?
something else?

Wet Season is here

The wet season is here, with the water is rising, it’s knee to waist deep in the
cypress domes in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Hello all, it has been  a while since I’ve written a letter so here it goes. We
should be ready to start HD video taping segments of our tours in a couple
weeks, so stay tuned.

Let us know how yore doing. It would be great to hear from you.

If you have any questions, please, ask away? Coming this way? Stop in and say
hello and I’ll give you a couple tips on great places to visit, and of course
the best places to eat!

If you’re along the Tamiami Trail US 41 you’ll have to stop by Joanie’s Blue
Crab Cafe´. When you walk in it’s serve yourself to the beverages. Enjoy the
music. 1-239-695-2682. Tell Joanie, Capt. Steve sent you.

We’re going to be offering hunting and or camping trips and possibly some taste
of the Everglades BBQ tours to our services.

Is there something special you’d like to see or do? Let us know, and we’ll do
our best to make it so!

The season begins with  a beautiful first ride where we saw and got to spend a
little time with a large male black bear. Everyone thought that was simply

Do you remember the encounter we had with the 10′ alligator and the Gimbels’.
Well, There be no walking to the ol’ gator holes this time of year. Not without
good reason.

The water is waist deep or deeper in the giant cypress domes, where just a
couple months ago it’s nothing more than a muddy hole. Now that the water is
knee deep the ol’ gator will certainly have the advantage.

So far it’s been a great summer for Stevie.

Stevie got to see the Great Smoky Mountains and visited with some family in
Tennessee and Georgia.

Before vacation, we had the the Jarhead fires in Big Cypress. The swamp buggy’s
were kept busy transporting the firefighting teams on fires in the big cypress
National Preserve.

Our mission was to transport wildfire fighters, great people to work for, and
hard workers and dedicated to their job.

It was amazing to watch them at work.

The Mosquito’s are here! And here with a vengeance and I truly didn’t miss them
one minute this past winter.

We’re building a new swamp buggy a little more user friendly to get on and off.

I’ll have Willie and Skip doing a few rides for me again this year. Their
knowledge of the Everglades will give you an above average tour second to none.

I have a new telephone number 1-877-871-5386 won’t cost you anything to call me.
We opened back up the 22 of July and have been pretty busy, doing a ride for the
Make A Wish foundation this week.

I’m looking forward to see my old friends this summer.

Give me a call or email me to say hi. Remember to eat with my friends at the
Clam Bake if around Fort Myers area, Its the greatest.

God bless all, Captain Steve

And Don’t Forget to tell your friends…

KIDS RIDE FREE with Captain Steve!

Jarhead Fires Big Cypress National Preserve 74 pictures

Captain Steve’s Everglades TV in HD!

Coming August 2011 Captain Steve will mount HD camera to his Swamp Buggy while
touring The Big Cypress National Preserve (a division of the National Park Service.)

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If it crosses our path we’re going to document It!

Our goal is to document as many species, endangered or otherwise as possible.
Florida Panthers, Black Bear, Snail Kite, and the elusive Big Cypress Fox
Squirrel just to name a few.
We’re set to record it all for your viewing and
educational enjoyment.

Captain Steve Is Committed In Sharing the Everglades with as many people
(especially children) as possible leaving only the smallest of footprints.

And Remember, With Two paying adults, Kids Ride Free With Captain Steve

You Can Ride Along With Captain Steve through the wilderness which [s known as
‘The Everglades.’ available in one of the most diverse Eco systems on the face
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away or are stranded on some remote island. If you can view this webpage, you
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Thank You,
Captain Steve

PS… One more thing. Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures is considering the
investment of shooting the Swamp Buggy High Definition Footage in 3D.

What would you think about that…?

Big Cypress National Preserve Dry Conditions Stairstep Unit

Date: June 10, 2011
Contact: Bob DeGross, 239-695-1107

Due to dry conditions Zone 4 of the Stairsteps Unit within Big Cypress National Preserve will remain closed until further notice. The area was scheduled to reopen on Friday, June 10, 2011 following the annual 60-day recreational access ORV closure. After consultation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the National Park Service (NPS) has determined that dry conditions hinder safe travel within the zone. Recreational off-road vehicle use within this unit is allowed by airboat only. The NPS will continue consultation with the FWC and monitoring water levels to determine when safe travel can resume and the area will reopen for recreational access.

Big Cypress Photo Gallery: 2011

Fire in the Big Cypress Swamp…