Cold and dry season in Big Cypress Preserve

Good afternoon. Well the cold and dry season is here! I’m looking forward too seeing many of you again. Hope everyone is doing well. The Big Cypress are doing some prescribed burns. I  think they’re trying to get a hold of the rough spots before it gets really dry. We’ve been able to stop and talk to the firemen every now and then. Hunting season is now over, and there is hardly anyone around. Seems to be alot of wild game around and about. The water level isn’t low enough to get into my favorite gator holes yet but, they’re getting there.

Well the sunsets in the woods and stars in the night sky certainly is beautiful this time of year. I’ve been working hard to make sure you get the best information on the everglades. I took the group from the Everglades Foundation out they absolutely loved it. Ottis, my good friend, and new driver is getting great reviews, and I even got a good job from the superintendant of BCP. A recommendation like that allways makes me feel good. My daughter Stevie is great, and there is even a  new addition to the family. His name is Layne Markley, my grandson. He is handsome and proving to be a lot of fun. Hope to see everyone soon. Thanks to all and God bless…

Captain Steve

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