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Everglades Tour Serves Fresh Stone Crab To Visitors

Here are those special nights that we’ve been talking about. We have a 3:00 PM cookout campfire trip.
Today We’re Serving Stone Crab. This is it. Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures…

We have Kenny, we have all our guides out here.We have our chef, we have the Everglades Foundation. We are walking on by, I am showing you all the buggies that we have. We are getting this done before it gets to dark.

Kenny show them the campfireTravis opening stone crabs, walk around and show them all the good food and all the people. Is everybody having fun? YEAH.! That’s what I’m talking about…

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Proof of Bear in Cabbage Tree on Everglades Tour?

Everybody always talks about black bears, getting to the top of the cabbage tree.

Well, there’s proof, right there, that bear get up to the top of cabbage palms. Now that’s just the berries that are going out of that one, but he’s no telling, no he didn’t kill the tree. They just climb up in there and eat.  It’s what black bears in the Everglades do.

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Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures, Captain Steve out…

Last October 2013 the Government shut down

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures. Last  October 2013 we where closed most of it because of the Government shut down. Not this year we are open and ready. I LOVE MY JOB..!

Swamp Tour Captain Steves Swamp Buggy Adventures

Nice day today great lady’s seemed a little cooler. I LOVE MY JOB!

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures

Oct 5th is the day for the photo trip call me

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures

SWAMP FACTS: The Everglades is the only place in the world that has both Alligators and Crocodiles.

Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures