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Airboat & Swamp Buggy Adventures On Demand

Captain Steve now offers grassland airboats rides along with his Swamp Buggy Adventures in Big Cypress National Preserve.. Clean Family fun while on a great back to nature tour. You’ll never forget this..!

Captain Steve’s Summertime Adventures On Demand

Airboat Adventures In the Florida Everglades


Captain Steve’s Summertime Adventures On Demand

Half day Swamp Buggy Adventures or half day Airboat Adventures and for the more adventurous you can choose both airboat and swamp buggy tour. Lunch will be provided when you choose the all day adventure…

Endangered bats

Panther tracks auction.

Everglades adventure

50 Shades Of Green. Captain Steve’s Photography Tours

Captain Steve’s Photography Tours. Everglades Outfitter. Big Cypress National Preserve.. Clean Family fun while on a great back to nature tour.

50 Shades Of Green. Captain Steve’s Photography Tours

From the Big Cypress National Preserve, Captain Steve here, we are doing a photography tour this morning.

Three four times a year, I try to do a photography tour. Don’t charge anything, got three or four people that always go with me. We are getting some pretty good pictures. It’s beautiful, we watched the daylight come up this morning.

It is very cold for 50 degrees, something or us like that, a little light breeze blowing, it’s cool. The sun’s come up now and finally starting to feel a little better.

We’ve got a long day ahead of us, of taking pictures every time I stop, they get out for 30 minutes. They are back in the back taking pictures of an old gator ponds back here, flag ponds, got some little good gators to it.

Hey, call me, you want to go do something like this, we’ll have fun, we’re gonna see some sights today, photo tour. I love the Everglades in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

239-695-2186 Call today, you won’t be disappointed… -Capt. Steve

Tour The Everglades Grasslands With Captain Steve

Captain Steve coming to you on the newest adventure I’ve got, it’s the airboat. Listen, everybody knows about airboats, you’ve been on the tours with thirty other people, little thirty,forty-five minute rides and buy a stuffed animal, not with me, you don’t do that. We go on a real airboat adventure.

I personally give every tour and share my passion of the Everglades. — Capt. Steve

Captain Steve Everglades OutFitter

Hey yall, it’s Captain Steve coming to you in the heart of the Big Cypress National Preserve. I am sitting out here, got some people in the swamps, got the lighter fire burning.

I come out to have a little business meeting. We’ve got some people that are real estate agents, we’ve got guides, business owners, well-to-do, very good people from Collier County, friends, family, we’ve got quite a few, I think there is nine total out here.

Photographers and we are just having a pow-wow on how to do more business and I wanted to show them what a real ride was. Most of them have never been on my tours, they follow me on Facebook and make remarks all the time, so I am trying you know, get some of the these people and let them see what it’s really like out here.

I was kind of waiting on them to get back and I was going to film and talk to them, but you know what, it is getting dark and I am just on my telephone, so it is not going to do much good. I am the only one sitting out here and it is quiet, peaceful.

Bared Owl PictureI have been listening to the owls making some noise. I also heard some turkeys, so that’s always good, because turkey season is getting close. One thing I wanted to tell everybody, listen, I am the only outfitter out here.

If you want to go turkey hunting, deer hunting or something, I am the only Everglades Outfitter who does that here in the preserve. So you’ve got to get…I am the only one who does cookouts, camping trips, we do overnights, and we do glamping trips.

I mean if you want to do it in the Everglades, in the Big Cypress National Preserve, which is right in the heart of the Everglades, give me a call.

Listen, you can go online, look at my website, you can call me. I’ll talk to you, we can figure a plan out, something that’s in your budget, to go with Captain Steve. It’s getting dryer, we’ve been seeing some endangered animals.

We’ve seen a panther now two weeks in a row, right out here, we’ve seen a panther and a lot of tracks.

panther-turkey-trackHey, we even carry some plaster of paris with us. If you ask one of the guides, we will find a nice track and we will let you go home with a beautiful track, a panther track or something.

You want to come out here and do a cookout, we’ll cookout, you can bring the food. We are going to see some beautiful animals, the fox squirrels, the big cypress, and endangered, over sixty endangered animals in the Everglades.

We are liable to see one of them any time, plus we always see a deer, quite a few deer, a lot of birds and you know like I tell everybody, if we don’t see anything, the ride and the information, we are all trained in the Big Cypress, through the Big Cypress National Park Service.

I meant, we go to countless trainings every year, just to keep up on what’s new, what’s going on and try to give you the truest form of information that we can.

I’ve got three guides and they all work in the woods, work in the swamps, they guide and they love it like I do.

I mean you can’t pick a bunch of better crew. We’ve got three swamp buggies, we’re running tours, six on each buggy, we can only take two buggies at the most at a time. Generally we take one at a time, twice a day, three to four hour tours.

We stop, we talk, we take pictures, we talk about little flowers, and the air plants are blooming now.

Sunset in Big Cypress National Preserve PhotoThe three o’clock tour, you get to watch the sun go down, like we are doing right now, you can see the sun going down. it is just absolutely beautiful. Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy 239-695-2186.

Look at them big teeth right there. Give me a call, I am a life-long Everglades area, my Daddy was, my grandma and grandpa, my great grandfather was the very first to operate a tour in the Everglades National Park.

I am the very first to do it here, in the preserve. I used to be a park ranger, we worked out in the field every day for the National Park Service.

My family has been down here since the late eighteen hundreds and this is all I know.

I want to pass it on to you and I want you to see how much you can fall in love with the glades, because we all need to get involved with the restoration and let’s keep this beautiful place from more of it going into the hands of developers.

Come out and see me, give me a call, or take a look at my Facebook page.


Hey, we will talk fifteen twenty minutes if you want to, we will custom design a trip, call me. I love my job, can’t wait to talk to you, Captain Steve out…

Everglades Tour Serves Fresh Stone Crab To Visitors

Here are those special nights that we’ve been talking about. We have a 3:00 PM cookout campfire trip.
Today We’re Serving Stone Crab. This is it. Captain Steve’s Swamp Buggy Adventures…

We have Kenny, we have all our guides out here.We have our chef, we have the Everglades Foundation. We are walking on by, I am showing you all the buggies that we have. We are getting this done before it gets to dark.

Kenny show them the campfireTravis opening stone crabs, walk around and show them all the good food and all the people. Is everybody having fun? YEAH.! That’s what I’m talking about…

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