Wet Season is here

The wet season is here, with the water is rising, it’s knee to waist deep in the
cypress domes in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Hello all, it has been  a while since I’ve written a letter so here it goes. We
should be ready to start HD video taping segments of our tours in a couple
weeks, so stay tuned.

Let us know how yore doing. It would be great to hear from you.

If you have any questions, please, ask away? Coming this way? Stop in and say
hello and I’ll give you a couple tips on great places to visit, and of course
the best places to eat!

If you’re along the Tamiami Trail US 41 you’ll have to stop by Joanie’s Blue
Crab Cafe´. When you walk in it’s serve yourself to the beverages. Enjoy the
music. 1-239-695-2682. Tell Joanie, Capt. Steve sent you.

We’re going to be offering hunting and or camping trips and possibly some taste
of the Everglades BBQ tours to our services.

Is there something special you’d like to see or do? Let us know, and we’ll do
our best to make it so!

The season begins with  a beautiful first ride where we saw and got to spend a
little time with a large male black bear. Everyone thought that was simply

Do you remember the encounter we had with the 10′ alligator and the Gimbels’.
Well, There be no walking to the ol’ gator holes this time of year. Not without
good reason.

The water is waist deep or deeper in the giant cypress domes, where just a
couple months ago it’s nothing more than a muddy hole. Now that the water is
knee deep the ol’ gator will certainly have the advantage.

So far it’s been a great summer for Stevie.

Stevie got to see the Great Smoky Mountains and visited with some family in
Tennessee and Georgia.

Before vacation, we had the the Jarhead fires in Big Cypress. The swamp buggy’s
were kept busy transporting the firefighting teams on fires in the big cypress
National Preserve.

Our mission was to transport wildfire fighters, great people to work for, and
hard workers and dedicated to their job.

It was amazing to watch them at work.

The Mosquito’s are here! And here with a vengeance and I truly didn’t miss them
one minute this past winter.

We’re building a new swamp buggy a little more user friendly to get on and off.

I’ll have Willie and Skip doing a few rides for me again this year. Their
knowledge of the Everglades will give you an above average tour second to none.

I have a new telephone number 1-877-871-5386 won’t cost you anything to call me.
We opened back up the 22 of July and have been pretty busy, doing a ride for the
Make A Wish foundation this week.

I’m looking forward to see my old friends this summer.

Give me a call or email me to say hi. Remember to eat with my friends at the
Clam Bake if around Fort Myers area, Its the greatest.

God bless all, Captain Steve

And Don’t Forget to tell your friends…

KIDS RIDE FREE with Captain Steve!

Jarhead Fires Big Cypress National Preserve 74 pictures

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